Welcome to mushbuh.com

thank you for visiting my website. I am a self taught 2d and 3d artist. I make videogames, toys, stickers, comics and more.

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Burrito Galaxy The website for the videogame I work on (still in development)
Patreon Here you can sign up to get monthly stickers or toys
itemLabel My webstore which offers creative hats, hoodies and more
Hello@mushbuh.com Send me an email (use this to contact me for work or say hi)
Twitter I post my artwork here and jokes
Instagram I post my artwork here as well
Tumblr I also post my artwork here, and sometimes comics
PEOW studio PEOW studio has published my comic "310,310" you can purchase on their site
Capsule Corner Capsule Corner has hosted a few of my art shows and have some original work of mine for sale.

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3d Illustration Joggernauts

3d Illustration for Amino (Various stickers for purchase in-app)

3d Illustration/Comic art for Pikuniku deluxe edition

3d Illustration for Cakeflaps "Synthmas" Album

3d Illustration/T-shirt for Dunkey

Shoe design (personal project)

AI Assisted Clothing design with Robbie Barrat

Clothing design collaboration with Soylent

Dreams TV Bumper Animation(one of three)

3d Illustration for Tyler Rhodes' evoloution project

3d Illustration for Splice.com

STORE2 - Art Installation at Babycastles

3d/2d work for REDRIOT (Youtube Banner)

3d work for iDubbbz (Youtube Banner)

STICKER HAT modular hat

“310,310” book published by PEOW STUDIO

3d illustration and branding for music collective STAFFcirc

MUSHBUH X NEETGEAR Clothing Collection

Direction/ Animation “Igloo Ghost - Solar Blade” music video for adult swim

EHIOROBO X MAXO “Bedside” Album artwork

MUSHBUH X SQASHI Collaborative sweatshirt

CONES my piece for the Wrong Biennale / Forever Fornever

Colin Domigan “Buddy List” Album artwork 

AstroSkeleton Logo/shirt design

2ToneDisco - Various works (Banners, Track Art)

“Nice Places” Collection for Electric Objects


Direction/ Animation “Toiret Status - #47” music video for Noumenal Loom

PUNIMELT X MUSHBUH “Slime’s House” T-Shirt

“GOOD BOY HOUSE” book published by Pastel Haus

Clarence “Pizza Hero” 3d animation for Cartoon Network

NDE Game prototype